Hi there!

My name is Milan, and I’m a undergraduate student studying Applied Computer Science at Oregon State University (OSU). In addition to my studies, I currently work as a Student Technical Assistant for the OSU Office of Sustainability. I also spend a good amount of time doing extracurricular activities like competing in Speech & Debate and competing in OSUSEC’s internal CTF League.

This website serves to present my many programming projects which you can check out over on the portfolio tab of this website.

Alternatively, if you wish to see some of my CTF writeups you can check those out too!

Want to contact me?

If you want to reach me for college related purposes you can shoot me an email at donhowem@oregonstate.edu.

Otherwise you can reach me at milanaugust@gmail.com, or you can try putting a message in a glass bottle and throwing it off the west-coast of the US and I might end up stumbling across it.

Since all personal websites must have an inspirational quote here is mine:

O I am slain! –(Polonius, Act III, Scene 4, Line 30)